Gar Greentooth

Half Orc Skald of Iomedae


Gar is an impressively sized male half-orc, standing some 6 and one half feet and nearly 20 stone (276 lbs). He is a young adult who has celebrated his naming day 16 times. His features more closely align with his mothers’ and all he can easily show from his father’s side is pale, soft skin and piercing blue eyes. He typically wears his brown (from color and from filth) hair in dreaded locks and it hangs to his lower back. He’s lanky and not quite filled out into his frame, but full of ropey muscle like his mother’s race. As was typical of his Horde he was ritualistically scarred after his first kill and though he has walked away from that violence in the Felldales he doesn’t try to hide the raised marks about his neck and chest. Gar is quiet and contemplative, preferring to watch and try to understand the world around him, though true wisdom often eludes him and he finds that he can be far too accepting of others and the face that they present him. With his life in the horde all but gone now, and Breeony to offer him peace in his soul he has found his voice and can hear the drummings of inspiration beat inside him. Perhaps with that buzzing to focus him he can find and master a calling unlike anything he has seen (excepting of course the melodic rhythms of Calamyr and his sermons).


Gar Greentooth, formerly Gar Greenstone , was born to an Orc mother (Pyte Greenstone, warrior woman in the Red Skull Horde, a small skirmishing band that roamed the North Felldales) and a human father (Rallo Brightmantle). Rallo had been a support steward to a Knight Of Iomedae out of Castle Urian. On a small excursion northward to settle troubles on the road to the World Wound, the unit was set upon by a monstrous mechanical spider that sliced up horse or human with deadly ease. Rallo would tell his son later that it was his mother and the other warriors of the Red Skull tribe that chased off the spider and found him barely clinging to life. Pyte took him as tribute and allowed him to live under her protection. Rallo healed up and found that he didn’t chaff as much as he would’ve thought to his new slave like servitude, and tended to Pyte much as he would have to a Knight in the Order. For her part, the slightly feral Warrioress Pyte grew to count on the skills and support of this fragile human male and a somewhat brutish romance blossomed into Gar. Half breeds were accepted into the tribe and Gar’s mother tried to set him upon the Warrior’s path, but the kindness and caring support of his father always put Gar just outside the close knit circle of killers his Horde demanded for survival .
Gar had some misgivings about the affairs of his horde. He was unlike most of his tribe in that he grew to respect life and found he could not partake of the flesh for nourishment and must subsist on what Nature would grow itself (or so Rallo would teach him)
. His days with the Red Skulls would be short after he was a blooded warrior though, when a particularly stealthy scout band from the Tiger Septs raided his tribes camp while many of the Skulls were trying to put down a stout group of Ogres that had advanced into their territory. Gar was able to chase off the Tiger Sept scouts but not before they had slain many of the softer targets at camp, his father among them. And so For the gods to further punish him, he found that his mother had been slain (though not before lethally biting the Ogre chief in the neck) when the warriors returned. The tribe, hot with the lust for revenge, blindly threw themselves at overtaking the Tiger scouts and were able to catch them their main strike team on an open, unforgiving hillside in the Dales. The odds were pitched against the Skulls, but their ferocity would not allow them to be denied retribution.
Gar found himself battered and barely alive. None stirred on the bloodied rocks and the half orc thought he must meet the hordes in the beyond, but he continued to cling to life. As he lay he spied a small, brown and white spotted pig snuffling about the battlefield, perhaps looking to make a quick meal of the meaty Barbarians. She went from body to body, even smelling at the severed limbs and gore, but never she so much as taste of the warriors. When she stopped at Gar, he immediately felt a quiet, cool calm and his wounds began to knit. They locked eyes and felt a bright flash of connection. Gar knew he would carry their bond in his very blood as the two walked from the charnel scene towards brighter futures.
Breeony the pig is the Angel I prayed for on the battlefield. Studied as a Skald but awakened my Bloodrager first.
As they move away from the rest of the tribe, they seek out the fields of recent battles to kind of Doctors Without Borders. There Gar finds Posca, a halfbreed like himself, making his own way from the violence of the tribes. They can then stumble into another sanctuary seeking group of (amazingly) like minded, disparate raced individuals and join to promote the tenets of Iomedae and Speartooth.

Gar Greentooth

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