Finan Grimrock



The byblown son of a mother who earned her coin on her back, Finan rarely speaks about his past, only hinting at it with occasional guttural comments and a seeming indifference towards most other dwarves. His father was a nameless wealthy dwarf with fine clothes and a fat purse looking for entertainment down in the Grimms. His mother died young (for a dwarf), leaving him to scratch out his existence with the dirtiest and most dangerous tasks, earning coin down in the tunnels foraging and dealing with vermin. He learned the hard way to be light on his feet and good with a blade.

Seeking a name, wealth, and a future; Finan sought to go through the training for the StoneShields, Highhelm’s most elite warriors, protecting the Nobility and fighting in the front ranks. Though neither the biggest or the strongest, he more than made up for it in speed and ferocity. Using every skill and trick learned fighting in the gutters and tunnels, Finan made a name for himself beating and battering the weapon-master trained sons of Highhelm’s class and nobility. At the end, having proved and tested him mettle against every available blade, Finan was at the top of the class. Yet, at the end of their trials, shields were presented to the sons of master craftsmen, guilds men, and merchants, but not Finan. Filled with shock and rage, Finan was told he “didn’t fit the mold.” The next day, squinting in the sunlight for the first time, he left Highhelm, never to return; lest it be draped in wealth and glory. Selling his axe to whomever offered coin, and for whatever task, he found himself drifting ever further North…


Finan Grimrock

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