Fires of Creation
S1: A Dying Torch
S2: Skulking with Skulks
S3: Danger, Danger!
S4: Survived to Tell the Tale
S5: Blood in the Hall
S6: Torch Team Echo: Don’t Leave a Man Behind
S7: The Party Extracts Khonnir Baine
S8: Sweep and Clear: The Science Deck
S9: Patty-cake with the Scrapwall Fanatics
S10: At the Reactor Core
S11: The Torch is Lit!
S12: Garmen Ulreth Craps Out!
Lords of Rust
S13: Gremlin Hunters
[Game on hiatus until June 4th, 2019]
S14: And now we return to our regularly scheduled broadcast
S15: Entering Scrapwall
S16: Resting at the Clockwork Chapel
S17: Partying with the Smilers
S18: The Party slaps the smile off the Smilers’ Faces
S19: Exploring the Receiver Array
S20: Playing with Poltergeists
S21: The Rumpus at the Receiver Array
S22: A big boom and then the party heads home
S23: Breony is sad
S24: Welcome to the town of Gargoigne!
——-Interlude I——-
S25: The Hollow Garden, Part I
S26: The Hollow Garden, Part II: The Cabaret
S27: The Hollow Garden, Part III: Victory at Customer Service
S28: The Hollow Garden, Part IV: Slow Progress at Customer Service
S29: On the Road Again!
——-End of Interlude I——-
S30: Heading Home
The Choking Tower
S31: The Briefest of Rests for the PCs
S32: Welcome to Iadenveigh
S33: Galavanting around Iadenveigh
S34: A Shocking Afternoon
S35: Home Sweet Home
S36: Home Sweet Home?
——-Interlude II——-
S37: The Manor
S38: Prelude to an Aggro
S39: Airing of the Grievances
S40: The Letter
S41: Onward, to the Choking Tower
——-End of Interlude II——-
S42: The Choking Tower
S43: No Volunteers for the Air-Locked Labs
S44: So Many Labs!
S45: Rumpus in Furkas’s Master Bedroom
S46: Rumpus Part II & Who Let the Monsters Out?
S47: Sweep and Clear the Choking Tower
S48: Still Sweeping and Clearing
S49: There She Is!
S50: Cleaning the Basement
S51: Next Stop, Torch
Valley of the Brain Collectors
——-Interlude III——-
S52: Strange Days
S53: Trumpkin is in the Party’s Way
S54: Brother Elijah

Pathfinder: Iron Gods

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